Frequently Asked Questions

What age do you teach from?

I teach children from the age of 5, right up to adults aged 80+. I have extensive experience of teaching all ages and ability levels, from complete beginners to advanced level players. I particularly love teaching beginner adults and showing them what they can achieve with dedication and perseverance.

What equipment do I need if I want to take online piano lessons?

For online lessons you will need either a desktop computer, laptop or tablet with a high speed internet connection, and a suitable piano or keyboard. You will need to download the Zoom video calling software. If you are particularly interested in taking lessons online please tick the online lessons box on the contact form found in the Contact Rose page of this website. I will then arrange an online meet up with you to discuss your goals and check your internet connection is suitable.

I am retired now. Is it ever too late to take up piano?

Definitely not! Learning the piano is beneficial in many ways and you are never too old to learn something new. The many health and well being benefits of learning an instrument are well documented and include long term cognitive benefits, such as improved memory and concentration levels. Adult students can also find it a lot easier to commit their time to their lessons and practise.

Are parents required to attend lessons with their child?

I ask that parents of children aged 5 to 6 years of age attend their child’s lessons every week. From age 7 and up children can attend lessons alone however there is the expectation that the parents will continue to support and encourage their child with their home practise until at least age 12, and probably well beyond. Encouragement from parents is a huge motivator for young students and is an essential requirement for success at the piano.

Do I have to take exams?

The choice is entirely yours. I tailor lessons to fit each individual’s interests and personal goals. I find it just as rewarding teaching those who prefer not to, as those who are preparing for any grade exam. My ultimate goal is to inspire students to become creative independent musicians who have a lifelong love of piano playing. This is far more important than any number of exam passes!

Will I be involved in performances of any kind?

Again, this is entirely up to you. Providing performance opportunities for my students is something I believe is very important and I arrange regular Concerts and group classes so my students can share their achievements with each other. However, no student is ever pushed into taking part in these events against their will. Many people just want to play for their own enjoyment.

How long will I need to practise for?

This depends on your age and ability level, although a little and often is best for every student. Most days of the week with perhaps one or two days rest is a good idea to keep you enthusiastic. I would recommend for 5 year olds 10 minutes, 6-8 years 20 minutes, 9 years and beyond 30 minutes daily practise to guarantee good progress. Those who choose to take exams will need to practise considerably more.

Do I need to buy an acoustic piano?

No. To begin with a keyboard with 88 full sized, weighted keys will be fine, especially until you are sure of your commitment. However if you progress well a more expensive electric keyboard or a traditional piano will suit you better. I can advise your purchase in both instances.