I feel so very lucky to have been put in contact with Rose. My musical horizons have expanded massively and, most of all, Rose makes it so very enjoyable and great fun!
- Phil G, Adult student

Rose has taught me with patience, positivity and encouragement. She is an inspiring, instructive and fun teacher, who has enhanced my appreciation of music generally as well as my piano playing.
- Karen C, Adult student

The Christmas Concerts have been thrilling to take part in because we are able to play on a beautiful grand piano in a local church. As a sixteen year old, piano has provided me with an escape from the pressures of school and I look forward to attending lessons with Rose each week.
- Fran D, Year 11 student

Rose is a brilliant teacher for pianists. I really like it. I understand what she teaches me. If I forget how to do things she tells me how to do it again. I like the group lessons when I get together with other pianists.
- Louis T, Year 5 student

With the help of Rose’s excellent teaching I am now working towards my Grade 7 exam. Rose is patient and friendly and her teaching style has a fun element to music making. A very professional Piano School.
- Michael S, Adult student

Rose has been teaching my son for many years. She has helped instil enthusiasm and motivation when it was needed and has always had a great relationship with him, being a fantastic advocate for his playing.
- Emma C, Parent

Rose is BRILLIANT! She has given me the belief that I can and will be able to do something I have always longed to do - play the piano. She is so kind and patient - my lessons with her are the best therapy ever.
- Helena M, Adult student

As a child I had a few piano lessons but didn't ‘stick at it’. In later years I had a desire to learn again. I plucked up the courage to contact Rose to book some lessons and I am so pleased that I did. Rose is so patient - she makes all the lessons fun and I really look forward to them. I can't believe how much I have progressed in such a short time. I would highly recommend Rose to anybody who would like to learn the piano whether they are young or more ‘mature’ like myself.
- Margaret J, Adult student